Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cat Teepee

I made my cat a teepee for her birthday. That may sound like a crazy statement but if you know me personally, its totally normal. I have a sphynx cat named Indilwen who I am completely in love with. Here is how I made her teepee: (Please note these pictures are horrible because I didn't think about sharing these when I took them- better ones to come on new projects I promise!) 

You will need: 
Skinny long pieces of wood for poles (circular or square)
 Lots of fabric (scrap pieces work if you have some) 
Twine or yarn 
Drill ( I didn't have one so I had to use hammer and nails! Not the way to go)
Hot Glue Gun 
 And an adorable kitty

 Start by drilling holes in the top back of each piece of wood. That way you can run twine through all of the pieces to hold them together. Begin by wrapping the twine around many times to keep the pieces together. I used twine and yarn just for looks.  

Then start with your fabric. The first few pieces can just be glued and wrapped around as many times as you prefer. Once you get down a few inches you will need to glue the pieces of fabric in pieces. This part is a little tricky. You have to almost do each section between the poles. Glue, Cut, Glue, Cut, and repeat! Wrap each piece around of fabric around the wood, glue and cut. I wasn't concerned with making the inside of the teepee too perfect since I don't think Indilwen would mind! :) Don't be too concerned with getting each piece cut exactly straight or gluing perfect. It's suppose to be fun and very handmade. If you are a perfectionist this is definitely not the teepee for you! Once you have done the entire thing, take a pair of scissors and cut the hole for the opening.  

You're cat will love you forever!! :) :) 
 XOXO, Melissa

Hello Again

Hi Again! I've tried this blogging thing many different times and I will warn you in advance I'm not the best! So this time I'm not going to put pressure on myself to post once a week or whatever. When I have something I want to share I'll share it. When my life is boring and I have nothing of value to share, I won't. That's better for you guys too right? No one wants to read a whole lot of nothing! Anyways, I'm a big crafter/DIYer! (I know those both aren't words- let me apologize in advance for any spelling or grammatical errors in this blog because I'm sure there will be a lot!) I work at a home and garden store where I am constantly creating and painting. My side job is wardrobe styling. Styling is my passion. I will share with you guys anything that I do that is share worthy! Hope you enjoy. XOXO, Melissa